What are notes on Instagram? How to use

We are all aware of how frequently Instagram adds new tools and features to the platform. Over the previous few years, a lot has happened, from Stories to Reels to Paid Partnership labels to Remixes. Many of these features have aided in improving user experience, and others have made it possible for marketers to increase their platform marketing efforts. Instagram users were recently startled by the addition of a new Notes function, giving them a fresh means of connecting with their followers.
What exactly are Instagram Notes and why are they used? Moreover, why employ them should brands or creators? In this manual, let's investigate.

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What are notes on Instagram?

You can share Instagram Notes, which are like digital post-its, on the Messages tab, directly above your direct messages. Consider these to be Stories for your email. Depending on who you choose to share it with, only your friends (those you follow back) or your "Close Friends" list will be able to see the Note.

Anyone who can see the Note can respond to it, and any responses will be delivered to your direct messages. This will enable you to immediately begin a new conversation about the subject of your Note.

Emojis and text can both be used to write notes, which can include up to 60 characters. It will be online for 24 hours before automatically disappearing, just like Stories. The main distinction is that while you can have numerous Stories open at once, you can only post one Note during those 24 hours. It will be immediately deleted if you choose to post another note.

Another distinction is that on the Note, just text and emoticons are supported. No visual or audio content of any kind is permitted.

Instagram Notes give marketers and creators alike a new opportunity to interact with a small audience. It might work well to encourage conversation among a select group of followers or admirers.

How to use Instagram Notes

Source: Upcoming World

You're prepared to publish your first Note on Instagram. Instagram Notes may be made very quickly and easily. The steps are listed below.

By tapping the button in the top-right corner of the Instagram app, you may open it and get to your inbox. You can access the Notes that your friends have shared with you and your friends' friends from this location.

Your profile photo is located in the left-hand corner. The window that reads, "Share a thought for your friends to view here," should be tapped. The note window will open as a result.

Your message is typed in. This has a character limit of 60. Emojis can be added to the Note to further personalize it.

Choose who you wish to share the Note with after you've finished writing the message. You have the option of sharing it with your "Close Friends" list or your friends (the followers you follow back).

Simply tap "Share," and you're done. The Note is now shown to your friends in their inbox among Notes from their other friends. They may just touch on the Note to respond or act upon it, which will cause a message window to appear at the bottom of the screen. Their reply will then be sent to your direct messages, where you can communicate with them further.

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