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Several immutable online reports have recommended that the release date for Winds of Winter will be November 2023. However, this date appears to have sprouted from a joke on Reddit which hypothesized a fantasy scenario in which one can come up with, write, film, and air Game of Thrones between each fifth and sixth installment of the series in the event that the latter's publication onto shelves is scheduled for 13 November 2023.

Source: Penguin Random House

Update: 2022 Martin hasn't had much to say on The Winds of Winter of late because he's spent his time lavishing praise on HBO's The Kings of Winter. In spite of this radio silence or most likely because of it fans have been going into speculation overdrive.

The Winds of Winter update: 26 10 2022 George RKT Martin has dropped a substantial update in regards to his progress on The Winds of Winter during a livestream with publisher Random House. I do not think that I'm 3 quarters of the way done, maybe. But that's not 100 complete. Therefore, I am obligated to keep working on it. "I have given up on making predictions regarding its completion. Because people press me and pester me to try to hasten its conclusion, I feel distrustful of forecasting comprehensible details .

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