How to view spotify wrapped story 2022?

Spotify Accounts are eligible to receive the annual summary of their Spotify streaming data gathered this year as Recap Wrapped weather forecasts come to Spotify in early February. if you wish to observe your aggregate listening activities, check out the Spotify Recap Wrapped forecast for 2022 to survey your own results.

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How to view Spotify wrapped

  • Open the Spotify mobile application.
  • To access your playlist, tap the "Your 2022 Wrapped" banner on the home screen. If you are unable to see it, enter "wrapped" in the search bar to bring up the banner.
  • Toggle the banner. This will take you to the customized statistics page for your Spotify Wrapped "story," where you can view them.
  • If you're not too embarrassed, you can click the "share this story" button to post the information to social media websites.

There are also some additional Spotify Wrapped features, such as personalized playlists of your favorite songs and hit songs you might have missed throughout the year. Through the Spotify Wrapped banner, all of these are accessible.

Can I still check my Spotify Wrapped?

Wrapped 2022 is now. But only the Spotify mobile app has access to it. To join in the fun, download it right away. Here are the 2022 highlights.

Why can't I see Spotify Wrapped in app?

Make sure the app is updated to the most recent Spotify version if you already own it. You should be able to see the 2022 Wrapped banner on your homepage once your app is in order. If not, try looking up "2022 Wrapped" online or click here to go to your Spotify Wrapped.

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