How to take a screenshot on Chromebook

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Your Chromebook has a few built-in commands to help for taking screen shots. Start by pressing Ctrl + "Shift". Press "Ctrl" again then choose the "Show Windows" option. It resembles two vertical lines. Alternatively, your Chromebook may have a dedicated screenshot key. It sounds similar to a square with a circle in the middle. If your keyboard has it, you may just press one key.

After you select Screenshot on the menu, you're taken to a screen containing three choices for screenshots. One of three approaches resembles a rectangle. The second is a square with a dot in the bottom-right corner. Select that, and you can get a capture of the entire screen. The third option is a camera icon that looks just like a shutter take photograph. Select it, and you can turn a Chromebook into a digital camera.

On the Chromebook, take a screenshot using the Quick Settings menu.

You might be interested in learning how to screenshot on a Chromebook without having to memorize any keyboard shortcuts. These can be useful, but if you don't use them frequently, it's simple to forget about them.

No issue. A conveniently accessible hidden utilities menu is available on your Chromebook. You can then take a screenshot from there. On the Chromebook's screen, click the clock in the lower right corner. then select Screen Capture from the menu. It has what appears to be a square in the centre of a rectangle. The Quick Settings menu is located here on your Chromebook.

Its capabilities go beyond simply taking screenshots. For instance, you can change the Chromebook's wifi or Bluetooth settings, lock the screen, turn the device off, or browse the entire Settings area.

You may choose how much of the screen to capture when you take a screenshot using the Quick Settings menu. Simply drag boundaries around the area you want to capture, just as you would when cropping a photograph.

Utilize a Screenshot Tool from a Third Party

The Chromebook's built-in screenshot options are generally thought to be quite powerful. However, many third-party programs are compatible with your Chromebook. You can use a tool created especially for the purpose to learn how to screenshot on a Chromebook. The options vary from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated. Additionally, you typically don't have to pay anything to use most or all of their features.

Each of these programs functions slightly differently, so it will take some time to learn how to screenshot on a Chromebook with them. However, if you frequently capture screenshots, the time you invest in getting to know a tool should be worthwhile.

After You Take A Screenshot In Chrome, Where Do They Go?

The next logical query you could have after learning how to screenshot on a Chromebook is how to access the screenshots. Screenshots are automatically downloaded to the Chromebook's Downloads folder. You can, however, alter that.

Select Show Windows while holding down Ctrl and Shift. Then click the Settings cog at the bottom. To choose a new location for the screenshots, select Select Folder. The Tote feature works seamlessly with the screen capture tools you've already learnt about. It serves as the storage location for particular files on Chromebooks, such as screenshots. You may edit or annotate screenshots using Tote as well.

The screenshots you take might be stored in an app-specific folder if you choose to utilize a third-party screenshot application. To be certain, it is best to conduct some experimentation.

Also remember that any screenshots you snap while utilizing the Chromebook are automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then paste them into a Word document or another comparable document.

How Will You Use Your New Understanding of Chromebook Screenshots?

The internet is a colossal resource, so it makes perfect sense to need a trustworthy means to store some of the things you discover. This Chromebook screenshot advice will make it simple to accomplish that.


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