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If you're looking to add a fun and festive touch to your Christmas celebrations, look no further than this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to draw the Grinch. Drawing this character is a simple process that’s sure to please any fan of the holiday classic. First, take a pencil and start sketching out the basic outline of the Grinch. Next, add in any highlights or lines that will help make him stand out from the others in your Christmas coloring page.

Source: Cartooning Club How to Draw

Since it was first published, this beloved children's book has delighted readers of all ages, and interest in it doesn't seem to be waning.

Innumerable movies, TV shows, and even video games have featured The Grinch, who has grown into an instantly recognizable iconic figure.

Even though he eventually learns to appreciate it, he has furthermore come to represent those who are peeved around the holiday season.

If you adore this timeless story, learning how to draw the Grinch will brighten your day with some festive cheer.

Materials for a Grinch

  • Drawing Paper. This is the good stuff that you can buy in large quantities at a good price.
  • Pencils. I like that this brand's dark lines are always nice.
  • Black Marker. You can get a dark black color from a permanent marker.
  • Crayons. The bigger packs are nice because they have more colors.

Below we're sharing an easy step-by-step tutorial drawing lesson using basic shapes. Don't forget to print out the printable Grinch drawing tutorial at the bottom and follow along.

Grab a piece of paper, and a pencil, and let's draw this Grinch face. Here are the simple steps to how to draw the grinch.

How to draw the grinch step by step


step 1 how to draw the grinch eyes

Start by drawing two right triangles with slanted sides (hypotenuse) facing inward. Inside each triangle, draw a small circle.


step 2 draw grinch face

Next, draw a curved line from the side of one of the eyes and make a sort of curved "7" shape.

step 3 draw grinch face chin

Draw the same-shaped curved line on the other side of the face.

step 4 draw grinch forehead

Next, draw two small lines on each side of the eyes inward slightly and up.


step 5 draw bottom of grinch hat

The next step is to draw a wiggly line across his forehead and into a cloud-like shape.

step 6 draw grinch hat

To finish off his hat you first draw a small cone shape off the top of the grinch hat rim. Then draw a floppy part of the hat off the side adding another cloud shape off the end of the hat.


Step 7 how to draw grinch face

Start by adding a small triangle as the nose right below the center of the eyes. Then draw a straight line down from right below the nose to right above the line for the face. Next, draw two lines up the draw the smile. Then draw two lines above the eyes as eyebrows.

Easy Grinch Drawing

The last step is to draw a neck and shoulders or just leave it as the grinch’s face. Then outline your drawing with a black marker, and then color in your Grinch drawing!

Viola, you have yourself the cutest cartoon easy grinch!


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