How to do the moon Tiktok trend?

The moon TikTok trend is a popular dance challenge consisting of swaying to a particular rhythm while pretending to hold and move a large moon-shaped object. Here are the instructions for the moon TikTok trend:

Source: Tech Muster

Step 1: Select the Ideal Song

Justin Wellington's "Iko Iko" is the typical accompaniment for the moon TikTok trend. To participate in the competition, you must locate the audio on TikTok or any other music app.

Step 2: Construct the Lunar Object

To participate in the moon TikTok trend, a moon object must be created. You may use any object that resembles a large, circular object, such as a large ball or hoop. Some individuals even use a pillow or a circle cut from cardboard.

Step 3: Position yourself correctly

Hold the moon object in front of you with both hands, as though you were piloting a vehicle. Maintain a stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your legs slightly bent.

Step 4: Begin to Swing

Start swaying your body in time with the rhythm of the music. As you vacillate, move the moon object from side to side, as if you were transporting it across the sky. Ensure that your knees are slightly bent so that your movements are fluent and effortless.

Step 5: Add Your Own Personal Touch

Once you've mastered the fundamental dance steps, feel free to add your own unique style. To make the dance your own, you can alter the tempo, add a pirouette, or even include arm movements.

Step 6: Record and Distribute

Record yourself performing the moon TikTok challenge and post it on TikTok or any other social media platform using the hashtags #MoonTrend or #MoonChallenge to participate in the fun and see how others have interpreted the dance.

In conclusion, the moon TikTok trend is an enjoyable and creative way to demonstrate your dance skills while pretending to hold and move a moon-shaped object. You can share your own version of the dance with others online by following these simple steps.

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