How to delete Twitter account permanently

A popular social media platform for interacting online with people you know and people you would rather not know, Twitter gets into the habit of using a ton power once you give into it. Among other things, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is once again rumoured to be heading up Twitter Blue, which is Twitter's value-added advertising platform. You'll need to access Twitter's settings to decrease the password strength to improve your security and prevent anybody else from accessing your account.

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Deactivating your Twitter account before deleting it are the two steps in the deletion process.

Your account will momentarily disappear from the app if you deactivate it. It's simply Twitter giving you a choice in the hopes that you'll reconsider and return to the bird app before the 30-day period expires.

However, if you leave your account inactive for 30 days, Twitter will permanently remove it from its servers. This implies that none of your account information, including tweets, likes, bookmarks, or drafts, will be retrievable in the future.

Although there is no way to skip these steps and delete your account immediately, the process of deactivating (and then deleting) your account is thankfully fairly simple.

Because of this, we strongly advise that you download an archive of your Twitter data before starting the deleting procedure.

Here's how to delete your Twitter account in just a few simple steps, whether you're tired of arguing with random people in Spaces, worried about what Musk might do to the site as its new owner, or simply seeking for a fresh start on a new account.

  • You will require a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • 30 days

The Quick Take:

  • Launch Twitter
  • Access your settings.
  • Turn off your account.
  • Wait 30 days for it to be permanently erased.

How to delete twitter account permanently

  1. Open Twitter

    You can delete your Twitter account on the website or in the mobile app. We’ll be using screenshots from a PC browser.

  2. Click the More icon

    This should look like three dots on your desktop or your Twitter icon in the iOS and Android apps.

  3. Select Settings and Privacy

    This will be midway down the dropdown menu if you’re using the desktop version.

  4. Click Your Account

    You can also download an archive of your data at this stage if you’re looking to save some of your tweets.

  5. Hit Deactivate your Account

    Once you do this, your account will no longer be viewable on Twitter until you restore it (within 30 days).

  6. Wait 30 days

    If you change your mind about deleting your account, you can reactivate it within 30 days. If you leave it untouched, your Twitter account will be permanently deleted.


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