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In the International Society for Technology's recent update to the operating system 16, Apple updated all of its versions of the iPhone as well as the Lock Screen, with many fascinating changes such as the introduction of a new lock screen wallpaper. The new version also made the font size bigger on the lock screen clock making it more discernible. It's actually not a bug, but the behavior that Apple intended for its new software update.

Source: Techno Window

iOS 16: How to Change Clock Font On iPhone Lock Screen

  • Hold down at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the time
  • Choose a new font
  • Click the X button
  • Click Done
  • Press Set as Wallpaper Pair

Final Words

Our goal is to enable you to set up the phone lock screen to your liking on iOS 16 and help you resolve any difficulties you may have encountered. You glance at it several times each day, so changing the lockscreen wallpaper that you've inserted with your preferred color and font creates visual appeal on the iPhone.


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