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When you scan your Snapchat profile, you may obtain something known as the Snap score, or Snapchat score. What is this? In a nutshell, it measures your level of activity on the app. However does Snapchat compute your score, and are there any shortcuts to improve its rating? Are there any benefits to having the highest Snap score? We'll address everything you would like to know now.

What Is Your Snapchat Score?

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Snap Inc. isn't exactly forthcoming with information about its score function. Your Snap score is as follows, according to Snapchat's official website:

The number of Snaps you have sent and received, the number of Stories you have posted, and a few other factors are all factored into your Snapchat score.

Useful, huh?

Your Snapchat score is a cumulative tally of your app engagement, including Snaps sent and received, new users added, and stories sent. There is a healthy dose of friendly competition and trophy collecting among Snapchat users thanks to the widespread practice of comparing Snapchat scores.

If you're just getting started with Snapchat, we highly recommend reading our beginner's guide first.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

Click on your username, or your Bitmoji icon, which is found at the top left corner of your Snapchat screen. This will open the profile page. Beneath the Snapcode and profile picture, you'll find another number. It's your Snap score. You can click on the button to commemorate how many Snaps you've sent and received.

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score

Even if boosting your Snapchat score is "only for fun," it's still worthwhile. It's a good enough motivation to work on it if you get satisfaction from seeing your score rise. Here are a few simple methods for raising your Snapchat score.

Snaps can be sent and received, and sending them to pals will earn you points. Additionally, receiving snaps will earn you points. This is cool since you and your pals can improve each other's scores. Both of you are gaining points when you engage in a lengthy snap dialogue.
Share a lot of stories: When you post something to your tale, Snapchat awards you points. Additionally, you receive points for reading the stories of your friends and even for the private stories you publish.
In the "Discover" area, watch videos: You may see random videos from people all over the world by going to the Discover area. Your Snap score will significantly increase after watching these videos.
As you can see, this has a recurring motif. As you engage with other Snapchat users, your score rises. Your score increases when you publish new content. There is one exception, though: sending or receiving direct messages will not increase your Snap score.

The precise score metrics used by Snapchat are not made public. It is therefore impossible to determine which behaviors have the greatest impact on your Snapchat score. Even the question of whether different actions carry varying weights or whether they all count equally is unclear. Only that it was determined using Snapchat's "super-secret, special equation" is something we can be certain of.

How to Find Your Friends’ Snapchat Scores

Your friends' scores can be found on their Snapchat accounts, just like you can see your own score on the app. Open the app, and then tap the Bitmoji symbol in the top left to access your profile. Click the "My Friends" tab under the Friends section. A list of all of your Snapchat pals will appear as a result.

By tapping the display photo of the buddy whose score you wish to see, you can select them. You are now looking at their profile. You can check their Snap score right below their username and display photo. You can tap this score to get more details similar to how you tap your own score. Keep in mind that until you are friends with someone, you won't be able to see their score. When you browse someone's profile, their Snap score will be hidden if they aren't following you back.

Unfortunately, there is no ranking system and no means to see the scores of numerous friends at once. You can only glance at someone's profile to see their Snapchat score.


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