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11 Best Rated Gps Tracker For Car in March 2023

If you're looking for a way to keep track of your car, then you should consider investing in a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker is a small device that can be placed in your car and will use the Global Positioning System to track the vehicle's location. This can be useful if your car is stolen or if you simply want to know where it is at all times. There are many different GPS tracker models on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one.

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Best Overall: Bouncie - GPS Car Tracker Know where your car is at all times: 4G LTE connectivity provides real-time location tracking so you always know where your car is. Get accident notifications: Bouncie will notify you if your car has been in an accident, so you can check on your vehicle and make sure everything is okay. Track your car's route history: See where your car has been and get insights into your driving habits. Monitor your speed: Keep track of your speed to ensure you're driving safely and within the speed limit. Set up a geo-fence: Create a virtual perimeter around a location and get notified if your car enters or leaves the area.

Best Budget: Optimus GB100M 4G LTE - Easy Install on Car's Battery GPS Tracker Real-time GPS tracking: the Optimus GB100M 4G LTE uses a built-in GPS system to provide real-time tracking information for your vehicle. You can see where your car is at all times, and you can even set up alerts to be notified if it leaves a certain area. Easy installation: the Optimus GB100M 4G LTE is designed for easy installation on your car's battery. There are no wires to connect or disconnect, and the unit can be installed in minutes. 4G LTE connectivity: the Optimus GB100M 4G LTE uses the latest in cellular technology to provide fast and reliable data connections. With this tracker, you'll always know where your car is.

Editor’s Choice: Vyncs - GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs is a GPS tracker for vehicles that uses 4G LTE technology to provide real-time location updates for your family or fleet. There is no monthly fee for Vyncs, making it an affordable option for tracking your vehicles. Vyncs provides trip history, driving alerts, and geo-fencing features to keep you informed of your vehicles' whereabouts and activities. The fuel economy feature of Vyncs can help you save money on gas by monitoring your vehicle's fuel usage. OBD fault codes are also displayed on the Vyncs device, so you can troubleshoot any problems with your vehicle.



How do you secretly GPS track a car?

There are a few ways to secretly GPS track a car. One way is to use a portable GPS tracker that can be hidden on the vehicle. Another way is to use a software-based tracking system that uses the car's built-in GPS system to track its location.

Where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car?

There are a few different places you can put a GPS tracker on a car, but the best place is usually on the underside of the car. This way, the tracker is less likely to be detected and it will still be able to track the car's movements.

How much is a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to track the location of a person or object. The cost of a GPS tracker varies depending on the features and quality of the device. Basic GPS trackers can cost as little as $30, while more advanced models can cost up to $300.

Can someone track my car without me knowing?

There are a few ways that someone could track your car without you knowing. They could use a GPS tracker, which can be hidden in the car or placed on the outside. They could also use a cell phone tracking app if they have access to your phone. If you're worried about someone tracking your car, you can disable the GPS tracker and delete any cell phone tracking apps.

How far can a GPS tracker work?

A GPS tracker can work anywhere there is a clear view of the sky. The tracker uses satellite signals to determine its location, so it needs an unobstructed view of the sky in order to work properly.


The GPS tracker for car is a great device that can help you keep track of your car’s location. It can also help you find your car if it gets lost or stolen. The tracker is easy to install and use, and it is very affordable. If you are looking for a way to keep track of your car, then the GPS tracker for car is the perfect solution.