Blackmagic Raises the Bar for iPhone Videography with New Camera App

Leading camera and editing software developer Blackmagic Design has released a new Camera app that significantly expands the professional video capabilities of the iPhone.

Blackmagic is well-known for its high-end digital film cameras and the popular video editor DaVinci Resolve. With years of experience building tools for Hollywood-quality productions, the company is now bringing that level of functionality to the popular smartphone video format.

The new Camera app provides extensive controls over critical video settings that are usually only found on dedicated cinema cameras. Users can adjust frame rates, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO and more to fine-tune images.

Advanced features like focus peaking, zebra stripes, saftey markers and histograms give videographers robust options for controlling shot quality. Audio controls allow mixing levels from the built-in and external microphones.

In terms of recording, the app supports formats like Apple ProRes for maximum quality preservation. Video can be captured at resolutions up to 4K for high resolution deliverables. Frame rates up to 60fps provide smooth slow motion effects.

Footage management is also simplified with organizational tools to browse, sort and prepare clips. The app integrates with Blackmagic Cloud so videographers can easily share assets with collaborators and editors.

The easy-to-use interface aims to make these professional tools accessible on a smartphone. Yet the app is remarkably lightweight at only 37MB to avoid filling the iPhone's storage.

With capabilities that rival dedicated cinema cameras, Blackmagic's new Camera app significantly raises the bar for what's possible with iPhone video production. It allows capturing films, shorts and episodic series entirely on the go. For both amateur and professional video creators, this new tool unlocks tremendous creative potential.

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Julia Garner
Julia Garner
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