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22 Best Rated Windows Tablet Under $300 in September 2022

Cutting edge technology is a huge part of our life those days. At this time, nearly everything might be completed by the button’s click and it is a reason they need for high-end devices has regularly increased. Some producers have ignored no stone unturned during their arrives in conveying the ideal devices to you. Between the phones and laptops, the option can be endless at this time. One gadget can be the tablet. Choosing the suitable tablets might be a super challenging task at this time. Not only are different options available, but there are even some perspectives that one wants to care about. From selecting the great operating system to selecting the ideal hardware configuration, the option is not simple to make.

This post can assist you in choosing the great tablets and support you to weigh the advantages or disadvantages of the best windows tablets under $300 out here. It will even make you know what you should focus on when buying the tablet or how it can benefit you. Now, we will propose the typical factors which you can take into consideration when choosing from the ideal range of tablets.

The windows tablet under $300 list is compiled from brands such as: Venturer, Amazon, Fusion5, Avita, Bige, jumper, Pipo, Microsoft, AWOW, Ematic, HAOQIN, VASTKING, AOYODKG, RCA, Lenovo. This post is based on 153,639 customer reviews. Based on customer data, Phonezoo will make reviews, analyzes and where to buy genuine products.

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Purchasing guide

Items to care about before purchasing the best windows tablets under $300

If you are going to purchase a good tablet around the fixed budget, we highly suggest that it is a bit crucial to identify your wallet initially. Some are a lot of items that you want to care about while purchasing the best windows tablets under $300 or any different mobile gadget.

Some items contain the high attributes of this gadget you are going to purchase. For example, we have discussed about some of them such as

- Screen resolution size


- Storage space

- Battery life

Those are leading attributes that you can care about during purchasing the budget tablet below $300.

Screen size

From our perspective, the display size is a crucial item regardless of if you are picking out the gadget with standard attributes. The most important element is to realize if the huge screen is handy for your lovely eyes or not?

Organizations are targeting to create more gadgets with high resolution, displaying bright, or other high displays with a great number of PPIs. Therefore, they might be handy for your sensitive eyes. When purchasing a suitable tablet, ensure to test it entirely if it can meet all the attributes which we have discussed above. We can clear out the ideal tablets below $300 with leading display size.


RAM is seen as a crucial part of the overall performance of your tablet. The leading organizations bring the key concentration on how the gadget works at various levels. If you are searching for a budget gadget with unique specs like high RAM, there is no need to care about it.

According to our purchasing tip, We have referred to other gadgets between 2GB and 4GB RAM which can surely boost up the efficiency of the gadget to the next level. You can search for a great gadget that brings a mixture of high-quality RAM and processor functionality.

Storage space

The following element onboard is the internal storage, it is no doubt essential for any gadget. In the other words, internal storage is seen as an important item within the high-end gadgets’ efficiency. You might claim that if the gadget brings great internal space or even storage, then you can hope for a leading performance from the gadget.

If you need to save up high space consuming files through the tablet, then you can definitely realize some lags or errors involved in the efficiency of your gadget. Selecting the gadget with low storage or making high storage files into it can interfere with you to free up space each time.

The reason is since your gadget can be left with a low disk memory. It is crucial to search for a budget gadget with great internal storage space, so you might prevent some issues so far. For your comfort, we have listed some gadgets from 16GB to 64GB for internal storage. The additional point is the storage might be expandable by attaching the MicroSD card for your demands.

Battery life

The battery life of your gadget is even a great element that could not be left. If you need to make the gadget with yourself without holding the charging port, we highly suggest that nobody could ignore the truth of obtaining the gadget with great battery life.

Next, you want to make one thing in your brain that if you want outstanding equipment performance, then you can obtain a great battery backup or a gadget with outstanding battery life. On the current market, we have put more gadgets with a suitable amount of battery life.

Best Reviews

1. Fusion5 Ultra Slim 

The Fusion 5 Ultra Slim tablet provides outstanding value, great design and also the fabulous experience. Next, it is the windows tablet and can be loaded fully with the better Windows packages.

You might utilize this product to execute various Windows applications. Besides, you could enjoy some movies, listen to lyrical songs and other things like that. When it comes to working targets, you could purchase the tablet because it is great for minimal use. There are various entertainment choices that might be attempted for this tablet. If you want to grab the best tablet, we highly suggest that this version is the pretty option for you.

On top of it, this can be powered from Windows 10. Thanks to the 10 inches of visual display, you might glance at various multimedia and it can surely be convenient for your lovely eyes.

It can provide 4GB RAM and the storage space is around 128GB. Keep in mind that other storage parts are occupied by Windows. With the availability of this slim tablet, you could play, work and get more fun or you can do a wide range of things which you love.

It consists of USB ports and equips with the Intel Quad-Core processor. The warranty of this product can last within one year.


- It is long-lasting and can offer great performance.

- This tablet can provide a double camera.

- The USB ports are even here to assist you with various items.

- It brings the storage space to around 128GB.


- The battery life is about 5 hours.

2. Microsoft Surface 3 

The next version that we would like to refer to you is Surface 3. In the other words, this gadget provides a widescreen which includes the ultra-high display multi-touch display for excellent efficiency. Thanks to this attribute, you could surf interesting films on the way.

It supports a storage space of around 64GB or 128GB. Moreover, it even permits you to attach the MicroSD slot which might expand the storage. It can provide 4GB RAM or battery life of 12 hours. From that, you might obtain the lag-free high efficiency with more battery hours.

Last but not least, here is the fabulous Microsoft Surface 3 tablet which can be suitable for either professional or personal usage.


- It provides great RAM or storage space.

- The battery life is wonderful.

- The widescreen can not make you disappointed.


- This product can bring other freezing errors.

3. NuVision 8

Like various Nuvision versions, this product is great. It arrives with an 8-inch IPS screen with high display quality or the resolution of 1920X1200, along with the Intel Atom Quad-Core processor.

The state of the art aluminum back can be magnetically attached to the detachable keyboard or folds easily as the cover. Next, it can be entirely equipped with 2GB RAM and a total storage space of 32GB which can be upgraded to 64GB with the MicroSD expandable card, Bluetooth, and double cameras.

Other apps that arrive with the tablet contain Mail, Groove Music, and other interesting apps. When it comes to battery life, it can work until 6 hours. Therefore, you can use this NuVision 8 gadget without worrying too much about the battery duration.


- This tablet brings the FULL HD screen resolution.

- The storage space can be expandable until 64GB with the MicroSD.

- It supports the Micro USB to USB adapter.


- Some users worry about cascade failure.

4. Toshiba Encore 2 

This version provides a display screen of 8 inches which is sufficient to meet your lovely eyes and broaden the display. Thanks to the great Windows operating system, users might experience the updated applications or even pretty efficiency with rapid working capacity.

Besides, the Toshiba tablet is considered as the whole-featured tablet or you might use it for various targets.

It can offer durable reading time or it can particularly satisfy you. With the availability of 32GB storage, you might store enough various items like ebooks and other crucial files. Last but not least, you may obtain a host of entertainment through this product.

In reality, you might use this Toshiba Encore 2 gadget to store all files and experience the updated attributes on the way. However, you should not hold it along with you everywhere since it supports a super short battery life.


- It can provide users with some smaller tasks

- The Windows OS can assist you in taking great performance.

- Customers can use it for different purposes.


- The battery life is very short.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 

The final version on our list is Microsoft Surface Pro. As for the ideal windows tablet below $300, the Microsoft product is the runner. It arrives with high-end attributes or unique specs which can make the different versions behind.

Apart from it, as for picking up the great windows tablet, you might be assured that selecting the tablet can be a suitable option. Thus, there are not any reasons to deny the quality and even design of this perfect windows tablet.


- The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet assists with 10.6 inches.

- The screen supports a decrease of glare around your eyes.

- The disk space is around 128GB.


- It can only work with Windows 8.


1. What is the ideal tablet below $300?

Fusion 5 Slim is a leading option at this moment. For a wide range of choices to select from, have a glance at the list, consisting of the other products on the market.

2. Could I set Windows 10 on the tablet?

Sure, Windows 10 is built to operate on tablets at all. To make a great option, we highly suggest that you can attempt to use some tablets above.

3. Could the Windows tablet run the Excel app?

Sure, most tablets can operate on Excel spreadsheets so effectively. If a lot of things do not move as planned, or you want to fix the corrupted files, please make the most of one of the ideal file recovery software for them.

4. What tablets could run Windows 10?

All tablets discussed above could run the Windows 10 OS. However, if you get a tablet that can run on Android, then we are sure that it could not run Windows 10.

Wrapping It Up

Searching for the ideal tablets below $300 is not a simple task. As referred to in this post, some elements to be looked into and particular attributes just could not be ignored. When the list might not be exhaustive, it surely consists of the best windows tablets under $300 versions.

Buying a great tablet could seem like a tedious task. However, if completed better, you can invest in the tablet which will be long-lasting for many years later. Last but not least, if you love our post, please leave your thoughts below. Thank you!