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32 Best Rated Tablets For Reading in February 2023

Reading is always a good activity to relax and open the mind. However, along with the development of technology, the demand gradually shifts from reading traditional paper books to reading technology paper books. To do that, the purchase of a reading pad is extremely necessary. That is why Phonezoo's editor team has compiled this list so you can choose the best tablet for reading.

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There is a difference between ebooks tablets and ordinary tablets. To be able to make the most accurate choice, we recommend that you pay attention to your financial situation as well as your needs. Each of these tablet books has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Electronic devices add to electronic waste, but if you keep your tablets for reading long enough and use it regularly, you can rest assured knowing you've saved a ton of paper. and all the environmental costs associated with printing and shipping your own books. Unlike other smart devices, the tablet book will be your companion for several years.

1. E-reader tablet

  • Advantage:

E-readers are generally smaller and lighter than tablets, which makes them easier to move and easier on your wrist to hold. And their non-glare displays help them read better in bright sunlight, which is not as easy to do on a tablet with a backlight. In other words, the tablet for reading ebooks is ideal for the beach or by the pool. And yes, many are also waterproof.

Overall, they're more affordable than tablets, starting at around $89 for a low-end model of a brand like the Kindle or Kobo. The e-reader also has a battery that lasts an average of one to two months, compared with the tablet's maximum 10-hour battery life.

  • Disadvantage:

The books tablet is ideal for reading e-books but not for many other things. That's fine for those who just want to read on them, but the lack of resources and limited functionality like no video playback, not to mention no apps, means a limited experience.

When reading ebooks and newspapers, the black and white screen suits perfectly. But in case of colorful magazines, this will decline the satisfaction. E-readers typically have screens between 5 and 7 inches, but some people prefer reading on larger tablets, typically between 7 and 12 inches.

  • Recommendation:

Amazon's Kindle series is globally famous for being digital books for the ease and features it offers for those who love reading on a tablet. This best tablet for reading books is elegantly built to fit in the palm of your hand. The weight of the device is around 174 grams making it one of the lightest in its segment. It has a non-glare 6-inch display with Amazon's E-Ink Pearl technology for an enhanced and better viewing experience. The reading tablet comes with 16 levels of grayscale, which assist the reader to adjust the color brightness accordingly while reading. Talking about the other specs, Kindle is supported by the 4GB of storage on the device, which can be further expanded via cloud storage.

Kobo Clara HD is one of the manufacturer's best-selling premium reading tablets. That said, the device comes preinstalled with a lot of features and options, which will definitely reinforce and ease the reading experience for users. The device has a 6-inch Carta E-Ink touch screen. The screen on this good tablet for reading is sharp, clear and provides the gray levels needed to adjust to the reader's comfort. Under the hood, Kobo Clara HD comes with a dedicated processor for a seamless user experience. The tablet comes with 8GB of internal memory, which satisfies many usage needs.

The Kindle Oasis is the best tablet for reading on the market today. 8GB and 32GB models are available. You can also add a free wireless connection and choose whether or not you want to see desktop ads. It boasts a comfortable 7-inch display with backlight, 300ppi resolution and adaptive light sensor. The larger screen means this reading tablet can display 300 more words on the screen at once compared to a 6-inch tablet. The Kindle Oasis is also waterproof and has an IPX8 rating; You can submerge it in two meters of water for 60 minutes without worry.

If you need a reading tablet for professional purposes, perhaps because you spend a lot of time reading and annotating PDF files, check out the Sony DPT-CP1. Its core target is the digital paper market, but tablets are a great cross-device for anyone who needs to read long documents while they're on the go. This tablet for reading textbooks has a 10.3 inch screen, 16GB of internal memory, the battery for continuous use for a week. There's also support for filling out PDF forms, typing with a stylus (for notes and annotations), and sharing documents between devices and computers.

2. Multitasking tablet

  • Advantage:

Tablets are computers, like your laptop, but they rely on touch instead of mouse and keyboard. You can do almost anything on a tablet that you do on a more regular laptop or desktop, including video chatting, document creation, appointment review and online shopping.

In fact, the tablet can do things that your other computer might not be able to do, such as record high-quality videos and help you navigate city streets using GPS. Tablets are versatile devices that also have large and colorful screens, and they support a multitude of applications on both the Apple App Store and Google Play; Free apps are also available for all major ebook companies, including Kindle and Kobo.

  • Disadvantage:

Despite some exceptions, tablets for reading books can cost about three times more than an e-reader. Because a tablet can do more than an e-reader with more power, speed and a beautiful color screen, you often pay for these luxuries.

Tablets are also typically heavy and slightly larger than a dedicated e-reader, and they're not waterproof. For bookworms, reading tablets have screens that are ideal for indoors but not too much for the outside as they are backlit and don't glare.

  • Recommendation:

The Apple iPad mini 4 as the name suggests is a fairly compact version of Apple's iPad Mini line. Accordingly, the best tablet for reading books and the internet comes with a very compact form factor and weighs only nearly 10 ounces. The device has a 7.9-inch Retina display that's crafted to perfection to provide excellent viewing angles. The screen resolution of the tablet is 2048 × 1536 pixels. The iPad is charged from 0 to 100 in less than 2 hours and can provide more than 10 hours of continuous use. The form, weight, beautiful display and excellent battery backup are the main reasons for considering this Apple iPad mini as an ideal choice for reading purposes.

For reading or listening purposes, the Galaxy Tab A8 isn't likely to disappoint you with reduced performance. Its hardware prowess is good enough to check out your favorite books as the task isn't too resource intensive. The Android operating system gives you access to a powerful app store for downloading not only reading apps, but a large number of other apps as well. Similar to the other devices on the list, this best android tablet for reading boasts an 8-inch display that, however, has HD resolution with a pixel density of 189 PPI.

The Fire 7 holds the record as the best-selling Fire tablet for reading in Amazon's portfolio globally. The device has a 7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Additionally, it comes with Kindle store access to download, store and read all your favorite eBooks on the go. Amazon Fire 7 is fully charged in about 2 hours and is expected to provide 8 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching videos and listening to music. Overall, this tablet is ideal for all users who need a reading device and one to handle most of their daily essentials for efficient use.

Buying Guides

1. Accessories

Does the book tablet come with an AC adapter (mains socket charger) or only a USB cable? The AC adapter that can be used with the standard power point is handy but most of us have a USB charger for our cell phones, which should be suitable for your e-reader.

2. Control

Whether you decide to choose a model that uses a touchscreen or buttons, or a combination of the two, you need to be able to visually move through the story so that you won't be distracted reading.

Hold the tablet for reading books as if you were reading a book and see if the buttons are in the correct position for you. You don't want to fumble with the controls to turn to the next page and spend time flipping through menus to see how easy it is to access the advanced reader features.

3. Connection

Does it connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, a cellular connection, or both? All e-readers these days support Wi-Fi to transfer your e-books to e-readers over your home wireless network. But some Kindle e-readers (such as Kindle Oasis) also have 3G connectivity, with an embedded SIM card that lets you buy books online without wasting any data if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection.

This was a very handy feature a few years ago when mobile data was expensive, but most tablets these days can connect e-readers to the Internet using the hotspot feature. and there is no cost to download a book or two using mobile data. 

4. Document file format

Not all readers support all ebook formats. Check out the e-book stores to see which book format you'd like to appear (the most common is the ePub). Also, check if they are DRM locked. Compare this with the specifications of the e-reader for compatibility. Some may list a format but only support it without DRM, so look for a list of DRM-locked formats it supports. Another popular eBook format is Adobe PDF (like Sony DPT-CP1), which is great for keeping the look and style consistent, but changing the font size of the eBook can be difficult or impossible. Access to a large number of file formats is important, as it increases your chances of having the book you want available, for purchase or for free download.

5. Electronic library

You can borrow a visual copy of the book from your local library. Just enter your library card details and download the ebook to your PC or Mac, using an app like Overdrive. You can then pass the title on to your e-reader to enjoy for up to three weeks.

Although smart tablets like the Apple iPad mini, Galaxy Tab A8 and Amazon Fire 7 are not really made for reading, you can still access a lot of great books as well as download dedicated apps for reading. books like Kindle.

6. Screen

The e-reader screen should be clear to read in normal light so as not to cause eye strain. If you want to read in low light, you will need some form of illumination, either inside or side or outside lighting. Some units come with an external book light built in or as an attachment (this can be an optional accessory).

You can choose tablets for reading books such as Amazon's Kindle, Kobo Clara HD, Kindle Oasis and Sony DPT-CP1 for a perfect reading experience.

7. Storage capacity

Most e-readers have built-in memory (on-board) and some also have a microSD card slot that lets you read how many e-books the card can store. On-board memory typically ranges from 512MB to 4GB (1GB will hold about 1000 books).


1. Is screen reading harmful to my eyes?

It depends on the reader, how they use their digital device, and personal preferences. Ultimately, reading from a screen is not likely to cause serious harm, but it can involve less in-depth reading than paper books. The flip side of it is that digital readers are more portable, and for some readers that makes them even more appealing.

2. Can children benefit from screen reading?

While parents may be skeptical about allowing their child to read from the screen, some research on the topic has found that reading from the screen can be a good thing. One study shows that toddlers can actually learn better when they read e-books. Researchers found that parents read e-books to their children more often, encouraging their children to be more engaged. This reading style can support the development of reading and thinking skills in young children.

3. What files does the e-reader use?

Most e-readers without the Kindle name use the ePub (electronic publication) file type. This is the standard format developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum and is one of the most popular file types out there.

4. Can I share the e-books?

E-books can be copyright protected, and in this case will usually include DRM (digital rights management) code that controls how digital media files can be used and shared. DRM protection is designed to control the unauthorized copying and illegal distribution of copyrighted digital media. This makes DRM-protected eBooks difficult to share on another e-reader.

5. What is the best tablet for reading textbooks?

If you only want a tablet to read books, then Kindle Oasis is the best reader tablet for you. With a large battery life as well as an extensive bookstore, you can enjoy all kinds of books.

If you are someone who wants to handle the work, then choose Sony DPT-CP1. This tablet for reading also comes with a stylus, which makes it easy to note the text while working.

Final Thoughts

Refresh your reading experience with a reading pad. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a traditional e-reader or reading smart tablets. Each product has different advantages and disadvantages. However, to choose the best tablet for reading, we think Kindle Oasis deserves credit for its compactness as well as its optimal features. Also, we think the Kobo Clara HD  main runner-up with an affordable price but remarkable performance.

In addition, the shortlist also includes the following products: