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21 Best Rated Prebuilt Pc With Rtx 3080 in December 2021

It is super challenging to look for the best desktop pcs with RTX 3080 available for buying on itself. Thus, a lot of players who are available to enhance NVIDIA's better high-end GPUs could be left with frustration for the decimated stock.

One way that you might take around getting to wait for RTX 3080 to become vacant is to purchase the best prebuilt Pcs with RTX 3080 which already has this graphic card in it. We understand that’s not the ideal alternative for players who enjoy building their system, but if you want the new gaming PC and you might not wait for the better RTX graphics cards to take back in stock, purchasing the prebuilt system is your ideal choice at this time.

In brief, we will show you the handful of perfect prebuilt PCs with RTX 3080 on the current market at this moment.

The prebuilt pc with rtx 3080 list is compiled from brands such as: OMEN, Computer Upgrade King, ZOTAC, Alienware, Dell, Skytech Gaming, Thermaltake, ASUS. This post is based on 3,344 customer reviews. Based on customer data, Phonezoo will make reviews, analyzes and where to buy genuine products.

Best Prebuilt PC: RTX 3060RTX 3070RTX 3090

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Buying guide Prebuilt PCs With Rtx 3080

Best Prebuilt PC: RTX 3060RTX 3070RTX 3090

How to pick out the best-prebuilt PC with RTX 3080?

  • Bigger is not usually better: Gamer computer does not need the big tower to take the system with leading parts. Only purchase the huge desktop tower if you love the appearance of it and need many rooms to set up the future enhancements.
  • Take the SSD if needed: It can make the computer run quicker than loading off of the HDD, and brings without moving components. Search for around 256GB SSD drive, particularly paired with the huge hard drive for storage.
  • You could not lose with AMD or Intel: So long as you go with the existing generation chip, double organizations can provide the comparable through efficiency. Intel’s CPUs are likely to do a bit better during executing games with low resolutions, whereas AMD’s Ryzen processors regularly tackle the tasks such as video customizing.
  • Do not purchase more RAM than you want: 8GB is fine in the pitch, but 16GB is better for other clients. The streamers and people who do high-end media creation working with big files may need more, but need to pay a lot for gaming pc bundles going as high as 64GB.
  • Ports issue: Beyond the connections vital to plug in the monitor, you will need a wide range of USB ports for plugging with various peripherals and storage. Front-facing ports are super handy for flash drives, and regularly used gadgets. For extra future-proofing, search for the system with USB 3.1 and USB-C ports.


Reviews best Prebuilt PCs With Rtx 3080

1. OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop PC

The first version that we would like to refer to you is Omen 30L. On the other hand, thanks to this PC’s strong processor and excellent graphics, you could not make some excuses for losing. Next, the GPU like RTX 3080 can convey the leading performance which all players enjoy. The 4k gaming experience will seem great and smooth.

Next, when it comes to storage, this version supports SSD for the operating system and 2TB for the hard drive. Users might obtain a wide range of advantages for double worlds such as boost up the snappy responsiveness, and the huge storage capacity.

With the availability of 32GB of RAM, all items from surfing various sites to experience games make a boost. Besides, the VR will be included to help users experience the performance when the desktop with VR is available.


  • It performs very well.
  • It is easy for you to upgrade the hardware.
  • This budget gaming pcs With Rtx 3080 supports dual storage options.


- Some people complain about the liquid cooling CPU fan.

2. CUK Legion T5 by_Lenovo Tower Gaming Desktop 

The CUK Legion T5 is the leading prebuilt gaming desktop. The newest Gen Intel Core CPU and options with the RTX 3080 make fabulous gaming efficiency with the ultimate design.

When the chassis is not a typical design, this model can utilize the standardized components. Therefore, you may even enhance it and make it by yourself when you use the state-of-the-art parts. The case all arrives with double side panels like one-tempered glass for you to choose the type of appearance you love most.

The combination of power or space-saving will be a leading option for other individuals who need the enthusiast-level PC, but do not need to construct it on their own.


  • It provides you with outstanding gaming efficiency.
  • It offers standardized components.
  • The design is quite compact.


  • There is some bloatware that can appear during your usage.

3. CUK Mantis Gamer PC 

At this time, CUK brings the most RTX 3080 or 3090 prebuilt PCs on many e-commerce sites. In the other words, with the availability of systems, our selection for this gaming desktop with RTX 3080 currently is their Mantis customizing PC.

On top of it, this CUK Mantis arrives with the Intel Core i9 processor and a big memory for 64GB of RAM. Moreover, it includes the 1TB SSD and also a 2TB hard drive. Another impressive thing about this PC is that it supports the tempered glass PC case with the PSU shroud, a better cooler, and some green LED fans.

In nutshell, this model is quite strong enough to execute all games you want to run with it at high settings on high-resolution displays. So, if you do not need to make the gaming PC by yourself, or you only could not wait to take the RTX 3080, this version is among the perfect prebuilt alternatives at this time.


  • It brings you better performance.
  • The warranty mode is great.
  • The standardized components can be simple to upgrade.


  • The I/O shield unit is not flush.

4. CUK Mantis Custom Gamer PC 

For people who want a system that might speed up like the strong gaming PC and the high-end workstation, this edition is perhaps your good deal. You will get the premium to take the CUK Mantis Custom model desktop, but it can arrive with the AMD Ryzen 9 processor, and 1TB for SSD.

This CPU can offer the same in-game efficiency to Intel Core, but where it can provide better efficiency is the multi-threaded and CPU apps.

So, for players who even want the PC for graphics design or game enhancement, the Ryzen 9 is a good deal. Thanks to the 128GB for RAM, and 5TB for storage, you will get a host of memory or storage space for all of your demands.

Last but not least, at a little below $4000, you can get more for the ultimate multi-threaded efficiency, the additional memory, or the extra storage space. But if you want additional computing power, then this version is likely the ideal choice for you. 


  • It brings stunning aesthetics, compared to the best Prebuilt Pcs With Rtx 3080. 
  • It offers ample connectivity.
  • The design is compact.


  • The desktop can have an intermittent black screen if you move quickly.

5. CUK Continuum Micro Gamer PC 

For the tiny version of the CUK, this model deserves checking out. It could not get similar exact specifications as previous versions. When these distinctions could seem significant, in terms of better efficiency, they can not hurt the gaming experience a lot. The great news is that with the low amount of RAM, and tiny case, this PC is particularly more reasonable than other PCs on the current market.

You might spend fewer bucks, or use it to purchase the high-end gaming monitor or the ultimate gaming keyboard. So, if you are searching for something more reasonable than the Mantis version PC listed above, this CUK Continuum deserves consideration.


  • The case and lights are pretty.
  • You can upgrade to this PC whenever you want.
  • It offers great quality.


  • It has only four USB ports.


1. Should I take the RTX 3080 or RTX 3090?

If you want to experience the game with 1440p or 4K, we highly recommend both RTX 3090 and 3080. Among them, the RTX 3080 is a good deal. The price for this card is $700, whereas the cost for 3090 is $1500. And you particularly take nearby 18% efficiency enhancement between 3090 and 3080. You might test out the RTX 3080 out there if you need to know other numbers.

2. Could I choose the Intel-powered gaming PC or AMD?

It is based on you. The intel’s core 10th gen CPUs are better for gaming. When the AMD’s Ryzen 5 CPUs are not particularly good for gaming and even efficiency. It is why this is super common. Apart from it, AMD has to assist PCIe 4.0.

Keep in mind that we proposed the AMD-powered system with Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Making a comparison with R5 processors, they are not as good when it discusses gaming. Not that they are worse, but you will experience high frame ratios with these R5 CPUs, or Core Intel 10th Gen.

3. What monitor resolution can I take?

Supposing you do not get the monitor yet, or you want to enhance the monitor, here are our suggestions. If you decide to move with RTX 3080, those graphics cards are perfect for 1440p high refresh to 4K UHD. We will stick with a 4K UHD high refresh ratio because it is quite feasible to enjoy games at high resolution with a better refresh ratio. Besides, other individuals are fond of the 1080p monitor. Even though technically you might pair 3080 with the full HD high refresh rate monitor. On the other hand, you can face the CPU bottleneck based on the CPU or game. In a recent review, there is some performance left on the plate if you match the 3080 with a full HD monitor.

4. Tell me about the benefits of prebuilt gaming PCs?

One of the benefits of the prebuilt gaming PC is it can be assembled, and hoped to work out of the box. You particularly want to get it out of the box. Other system integrators can get extra guides, so you have to guarantee to check the reading materials they offer.

The next benefit is when you come across the issue or something is not operating appropriately, you want to connect the SI’s client assistance. Unlike constructing the system on your own, you will find out which parts are resulting in the problem. In this case, you will call the producer of this specific part.

5. Tell me about the drawbacks of prebuilt gaming PCs?

Prebuilt gaming PCs are quite pricey rather than making the system on your own. The premium cost that system integrators can place on the total cost’s top is not the same. Other SI charges are higher than others.

The next drawback of purchasing the prebuilt gaming PC is that you do not understand what particular part they are taking to use. On the other hand, some of them can not disclose what brand and the particular version of the motherboard, or power supply they use.

Final thoughts

The RTX 3080 GPU provides better graphics processing efficiency and can be stronger enough to permit you to optimize the games on any settings and resolution config. Last but not least, we believe that you can widen your horizon related to choosing the best pre-built PCs with RTX 3080.