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21 Best Rated Gaming Keyboards in February 2023

Purchasing the ideal gaming keyboards from the big list of best gaming keyboards on the current market is challenging. A wide range of keyboards online define not only the complex but also opportunities of taking the better keyboard with some fake review increase.

Perhaps it might be handy for individuals to move to the shop and take the affordable keyboard without understanding the benefits and drawbacks. Then after a lot of bad attempts of taking a lot of affordable keyboards and wasting more pennies, you can begin seeking the great one.

Besides, having the best gaming keyboards not only enhances the gaming skills but also helps you win the rivals. It is since standard keyboards get membrane turns that are not fabulous for gaming targets. Even most of them get RGB lights that prioritize the external environment. Now, let’s have a glance at the top gaming keyboards below.

The gaming keyboards list is compiled from brands such as: SteelSeries, Razer, Redragon, HyperX, Logitech G, Corsair, FELICON, LexonElec, STOGA, MageGee, Econnect. This post is based on 123,140 customer reviews. Based on customer data, Phonezoo will make reviews, analyzes and where to buy genuine products.

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Purchasing guides

Individuals have their unique requirements while they are searching for a gaming keyboard. Others can love the compact keyboard, whereas others might enjoy one with some hundred keys.

In short, let’s chase it up to glance at the essential elements to care about during purchasing the best gaming keyboards

Connection type

The crucial element that you want to care about is to focus on whether the keyboard uses the wired or wireless connection. It is a result of a private hobby, but particularly, wired keyboards are seen as good for gaming. Besides, wireless keyboards can take too much as compared to other wired ones. For creating items easier, there is other information around the double types. 

Wired keyboards

Wired keyboards are what you can particularly look at in gaming keyboards. In the other words, it utilizes the USB cable to connect the keyboard to the computer. Moreover, it might produce the desk seem quite messy if you could not get great cable control, but does not request the recharges then. The connection can be stable, and the lag does not happen. Also, the customizations are limited during holding the keyboard as the wire length can limit it. 

Wireless keyboards

As far as these keyboards are worried, all of them are particularly handy and great for normal usage. Those seem clean for the gaming desk and permit the client to take it from the distance and no wires to limit movement. However, those keyboards want to be recharged when the battery dies before they might be utilized again. Next, there will be possible input lag or connectivity problems with the wireless connection. You may even want the Bluetooth receiver if the computer can not get it built-in. 


Each person needs a keyboard which fits their hobbies. Some enjoy the flashy looking keyboard when others might need the sleek looking one. Thus, the keyboard’s layout is the next element to care about. The appearance particularly contains the backlight. 

Some of the top gaming keyboards arrive with an upgraded LED backlight that offers them a gamer appearance. Those are particularly customizable, and the customer might put them based on their likes. A single crucial thing to realize is that the backlight might be switched off when not requested. 

On top of it, the key layout is something you can consider before you take the money. The keys’ placement and distance from them might get a better influence on the gaming experience. The extra configurable buttons and the Numpad might even affect the gaming experience if you can use them. 

Additional features

The following extra attributes you might look into before purchasing the best gaming keyboards. 


Famous brand gaming keyboards do arrive with outstanding attributes. However, as the keyboard is a single-time investment, it is good if you take the branded one. Common gaming brands are Corsair, and Logitech. 


Getting a handy gaming experience is vital, particularly if you want to plan on gaming for a long time. You might usually search for extra attributes like the wrist rest or customized feet so that you might get a suitable time during using the keyboard. 


The efficient software can create the experience much better and user-friendly. The famous brand keyboards particularly arrive with better software to improve the user experience.

Bbest Gaming Keyboards

1. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro 

If you need a similar experience to the mechanical gaming keyboard, but just need to tackle the cord, this version is the ideal wireless gaming keyboard for you. When other wireless keyboards are constructed for going, this V3 Pro provides all the dimension, and the functionality, containing the ultimate volume dial and ABS plastic keycaps. 

This brand does not skimp for the keyboard, packing it up for the onboard memory and vibrant RGB lighting. However, RGB could not stick to those profiles so that ultimate fanatics can rely on the software for matching RGB such as leading effects. 

Throughout the test, we had without problems related to Razer’s dongle connectivity, and you might even match the keyboard with other computers through Bluetooth. With the availability of RGB at ultra settings, the Razer V3 Pro test unit averaged around 15 hours, but you could use it until 25 hours with RGB by taking power-saving settings. 


  • The keycaps seem perfect and can resist smudges.
  • The wrist rest is good.
  • It provides a lot of sizes for you to choose from. 


  • There are no macro keys

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT 

If you want to take on the ultimate mechanical gaming keyboard, this model will not make you disappointed. It is among the ideal gaming keyboards we have checked but is pricey with the availability of attributes that others will not find necessary. 

It is the newer iteration for the Corsair K95, and the Corsair upped the ante for luxuries such as dual-shot keycaps and the padded wrist rest. Other streamers also assist with Elgato Stream software, which is suitable for the keyboard’s macro keys. It even shows you might save less money for the Stream Deck. The Corsair can handle the high-end mechanical keyboards options, containing about the aluminum build and RGB lighting. 

Next, the board arrives with MX Brown, but we checked the Blue version. The switches were a little fabulous for routine typing, but we can enjoy both the quieter and short-actuating switch options for gaming. 


  • The classical design with media keys can help you a lot. 
  • Dual shot keycaps seem impressive.
  • Elgato Stream Deck assists in making macro keys flexible.


  • The plastic clips are like they might break. 

3. Razer Huntsman Mini 

If you get a tiny desk or create a host of huge swipes with the mouse, the tiny keyboard can be a godsend. You will live without the Numpad so that it is tough customization for efficiency. But if you might get down with the tiny form factor, this product is among the best.

Like the big Razer listed above, this Razer Huntsman Mini utilizes the brand’s mechanical switch cutting edge tech. On the other hand, you obtain double options. The optical switches are great for gaming since they are light, particularly for requesting 50g for force. But if you do not need loud clicky switches, and enjoy gaming with better traveling linear switches. Therefore, you might select Razer’s linear optical switches that showed quieter rather than the previous-gen found in the TKL keyboard. 

Last but not least, here is a great product that you need to purchase as soon as possible. 


  • This cheap gaming keyboard provides software customization choices.
  • It offers 5 onboard memory profiles.
  • The light optical switches do not make you disappointed.


  • It does not seem rugged for the cost. 

4. Corsair K100 

Another version from the Corsair is K100. In the other words, this product packs a lot of attributes than most demand, consisting of some you have not fathomed the keyboard might get. Next, we realized that wheels are additionally useful for efficient tasks like zooming in and out for Photoshop. It displayed less beneficial for gaming, but as did various attributes which make the keyboard pricey. 

Sure, this Corsair K100 even creates for one among the ideal gaming keyboards. We can particularly make the distinction provided from the optical-mechanical switches’ travel and actuation point. Sure, if you are not fond of the optical-mechanical trend, you might even choose the Speed Silver switches. 

If you are seeking the splurge solely for gaming, your deal is like the Corsair K95 which is even on this site. When even pricey, it provides a lot of gaming-obvious luxuries such as the macro key bank and assists with the stream deck. 


  • The cushioned wrist rest is great.
  • It offers 1mm-actuation optical switches.
  • This keyboard can bring you fantastic experiences. 


  • It is quite pricey. 

5. Logitech G915 TKL 

This version is among the ideal gaming keyboards you might obtain during moving cable-free. The keyboard provided better wireless efficiency throughout the testing. You get the choice to connect through Bluetooth or the USB dongle powered by Lightspeed tech. When it comes to mainstream gaming, the keyboard felt as responsive as the wired one with no dropouts. 

Moreover, this Logitech G915 TKL keyboard is a tiny and affordable product for the whole-sized lightspeed that is particularly around $50 over the TKL product and contains G keys and the Numpad. 

You might see this best tkl keyboard with three various kinds of mechanical switches such as linear, clicky, and tactile. No matter how the switch can be from Logitech’s low profile GL line or get around 2.7 mm travel, compared to traditional 4mm. It shows faster actuation during gaming and typing. However, with no wrist rest, the wrists can seem ignorable for this product, particularly when taking the price. 


  • It is a slim and strong build.
  • It provides handy low-profile switches.
  • It is simple for you to switch among wireless dongles.


  • There are no G keys 
  • It is a bit pricey.


1. What is the distinction from the membrane to the mechanical switch?

Mechanical switches are displayed in most gaming keyboards and particularly being more long-lasting, offer the haptic typing experience. Next, mechanical switches even arrive in some varieties which permit you to enjoy the blockbuster games. 

2. What size keyboard would I take?

Some are a huge range of layouts to select from when it arrives with gaming keyboards. If you want something with a whole-size keyboard is a particular choice. But if you need to slim down a little, the tenkeyless can ditch the pad during making the function row. The better compact choice can parse things down with the essentials from removing the function row and the arrow keys. 

The one you can spring for is the item you are comfortable with, but it is crucial to be aware of your alternatives. 

3. What is RGB and why would I focus on it?

The RGB lighting is the term that is synonymous with gaming hardware. That attribute is both vital and annoying based on who you want to ask, but particularly has no influence on efficiency. It can, however, permit you to personalize the gaming installation’s aesthetics with the assistance of third-party software that might be important if you are worried about adhering to the particular theme with your installation. 

4. Which switches are quiet for the mechanical keyboards?

The Linear and Silent red have some rubber bits to reduce the sound, making them quiet among the rest. In reality, according to your demands, both of them are suitable for gaming and other tasks. 

5. Are mechanical keyboards louder?

Mechanical keyboards get a louder clicking sound than membrane keyboards because of the operation they use. But that mechanism is the primary reason why the mechanical keyboards get a particularly quicker response time.

Final thoughts

Now that you understand which keyboards are ideal for gaming and what to search for during selecting to purchase one, ensure you obtain yourself among the best gaming keyboards this year. 

Last but not least, leave your comments below if you have selected one from our list, or you grab any other which we are missing out here.