12 Causes Behind Mac Keyboard Double Typing

The MacBook keyboard is an essential part of the Mac experience. Its smooth, precise typing and comfortable design have made it a favorite among typists and casual users alike.

But what happens when you find yourself double typing on the same key?

It's an annoying issue that can make your work more difficult, but fortunately, there are some solutions.

1. Faulty Keyboard

The most common cause of double typing is a faulty keyboard. Over time, the keys and their electrical components wear down and become less reliable.

If your keys are unresponsive or appear to be stuck in one position, then it's likely that the underlying hardware has malfunctioned.

2. Dirty Keys

Another possible cause is dirt or dust build-up between the keys. This can create a gap between two adjacent keys, allowing them to both be pressed at once, which registers as a double press.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep your MacBook's keyboard clean using a damp cloth or compressed air to remove any debris.

3. Keyboard Sensitivity

MacBook keyboards are designed with different levels of sensitivity in mind.

If you are double pressing when you only meant to press a single key, then it's possible that the sensitivity level may need adjusting in the settings menu.

While you are at it, you may also want to learn how to fix sticky keys on MacBook if the feature is enabled and struggles to function properly as well.

4. Software Glitch

Sometimes software glitches can create problems with key presses registering improperly; if you encounter double type randomly while using certain applications, this could be the culprit.

Try updating your software to fix any potential bugs that may be responsible for this issue.

5. Unusual Key Layout

Different models of MacBook come with unique keyboards featuring non-standard layouts, which can sometimes lead to unintended consequences like accidental double presses because of unfamiliarity with where certain keys are located on the board.

6. Touch Typing Misconceptions

Many touch typists assume that their fingers should be hovering above the keys for maximum efficiency.

However, this approach can actually lead to more errors due to extra motion required for each keystroke and multiple accidental presses resulting from misjudging distances between different keys on repeated occasions.

7. Visibility Issues

Poor lighting conditions can also play a role in causing double type as they limit visibility and make it difficult to identify exactly which key has been pressed correctly or incorrectly, leading to accidental double presses while attempting corrections as well as confusion regarding correct versus incorrect finger placement when typing.

8. Worn Out Keys

Wear and tear is inevitable on any mechanical device over time, but especially so when dealing with something like a laptop's keyboard.

Repeated use leads to dulled responses from individual keys causing either random false positives (double type) or false negatives (no response even after pressing).

9. Incorrect Key Mapping

When working with custom software applications, incorrect mapping of specific keys may result in commands being triggered twice instead of once if two adjacent ones have been assigned similar instructions by mistake.

This particular problem can oftentimes go unnoticed until noticed during usage scenarios when effects become apparent - i.e., the text being printed twice when only typed once, etc.

10. Fatigue

Working too many hours on a laptop without breaks will inevitably cause fatigue and exhaustion, which leads not only to lower productivity but also higher chances of making mistakes, including accidental multiple presses, which register as the 'double type'.

Ensuring adequate rest periods throughout the day is paramount for maintaining nerve health and avoiding such suboptimal outcomes during work sessions.

11. Wrong Key Size/Shape/Height

Even though all MacBook keyboards feature similar designs across various models, subtle differences exist within individual devices, either because of misprints during the manufacturing process or simply minor variations based on allocated production numbers.

Any such deviations from predefined specifications may result in unintended consequences, including an increased likelihood of double typing due to the wrong size/shape/height.

12. Inadequate Spacing Between Keys

Last but not least, the factor causing double typing relates mostly to human error. Specifically, inadequate spacing between different sets of letters, numbers, and symbols placed close together increases the chances of struggling with the problem.

The spacing between keys should be fine for the most part on your Mac. However, if there were issues during the manufacturing process, you will have to identify the keys that are too close to one another and solve the problem from there.


Overall, preventing double typing starts by identifying potential causes behind the problem, whether related to hardware malfunction, firmware bug, incorrect mapping, fatigue, improper finger placement, and so on.

Once identified, corresponding measures should be taken immediately to eliminate the issue.

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